Mail Server - IP switch Over

Your mail server IP switch has been completed.If your domains are using name servers then we have already made all necessary changes and you do not need to take any action.If your domains are not pointed to ResellerChoice's name servers please make sure you complete the changes that we sent via email at this time. Here are the ... Read More »

3rd Nov 2007
DotNetPanel Upgrade

DotNetPanel clusters have now been upgraded to the latest stable version 2.2.2

Please submit a support ticket if you experience any trouble:


3rd Nov 2007
DotNetPanel - New languages added!

We have added support for the following languages on the DotNetPanel clusters: Deutsch (de-DE)Dutch (nl-NL) Russian (ru-RU)Romanian (ro-RO)Spanish (es-ES)Hungarian (hu-HU)Finnish (fi-FI)Portuguese (pt-PT)  If you have any special language requests please contact support:, ... Read More »

2nd Nov 2007
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