This notice is to inform you that our current web hosting control panel “DotNetPanel” is now “WebSitePanel”  and has been converted to an open source project that can now be found on Sourceforge.

After discussing this switch with the original panel developers we believe that this new project is moving in the right direction and has a clear structure for the future development of the product. We have therefore committed to update our systems to WebSitePanel and actively participate in the future development of WebSitePanel.
We are very excited about upgrading as this will greatly increase the speed at which bugs and features are implemented into the panel and will be a great benefit to you and your customers.

An update for our reseller network to the new version of the panel has been scheduled and details can be reviewed in the Network issues section of the client area.

The process of updating to “WebSitePanel” is seamless and requires very little control panel downtime. Once the panel is upgraded, you will notice minor differences such as panel name and possible some naming convention differences. Overall you will not find any differences that will impact your day to day use of the panel.

If you currently have a dedicated server and wish to get more information on migrating to WebSitePanel, please submit a support ticket.

If you have any other questions or concerns at this time, please submit a support ticket.

If you are interested in reviewing the open source project you can review it here:

The Project forums are available on MSDN:

Monday, August 9, 2010

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