As you may have noticed a few things have changed in the panel recently regarding domain related resources.

The panel developers have recently introduced a new resource called the "domain alias". Due to this resource addition we have changed the included resources in our plans (this was not previously announced due to issues with the early deployment of the changes which have now been corrected).


The resource changes for the Enterprise 5 Domain pak type are:
domains: 10 -> 5
domain aliases: 0 -> 10
sub-domains: unlimited -> 5
web sites: 5 -> 10


The resource changes for the Enterprise 25 Domain pak type are:
domains: 50 -> 25
domain aliases: 0 -> 50
sub-domains: unlimited -> 25
web sites: 25 -> 50


The resource changes for the Enterprise 50 Domain pak type are:
domains: 100 -> 50
domain aliases: 0 -> 100
sub-domains: unlimited -> 50
web sites: 50 -> 100


Explanation of the new resources:

What is the Domain alias resource for? This resource is for domains you want to add that will not have their own web site but just be parked or pointed to an existing web site. These domains can have mail domains and can therefore be used as portal aliases or child portals in DotNetNuke type of installations.


The sub-domain resource was lowered so that we can provide web site resources for each sub-domain which was not the case before. Although you had unlimited sub-domains previously you had to use up your Top level domain web sites if you needed to create a site using a sub-domain. This is no longer the case.


The Gig paks are not affected by these changes as those resource items are unlimited in the Gig paks.

These changes may not be suitable for everyone and if you are not satisfied with the new resource allotments you are free to move back to the previous allotments (we will be grandfathering those accounts created prior to 09/20/09) but will not be able to get matched resources moving forward for your plan, unless you switch. If you would like to be switched back, please open up a support ticket in the client area.

Please also note that these changes may have caused over quota issues on the domain and sub-domain resources in your account. If you are having this issue, please contact support so we can work out the best solution for your account.


We hope the new changes overall suit everyone's needs and apologize if they have caused any inconvenience.
Please submit a support ticket in the client area located at if you have any additional questions or require changes.


Thank you!

Monday, September 21, 2009

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