By now, you may have already noticed the new menu item in your control panel called "Microsoft Web app gallery". The Web Application Gallery is a community hub of free and popular .NET and PHP applications ranging from photo galleries to blogs to ecommerce sites. These applications can be used as building blocks for creating dynamic web solutions.

This new menu item will allow you to easily install on your sites the newest and greatest applications and will eventually replace the existing "Application Installer".
You can find a complete list of available apps in the control panel under the new menu item or on Microsoft's site:

This application gallery is dynamic and will auto update with new versions and new apps available from Microsoft via the Web Application Gallery ATOM feed.

This new feature is being included at no extra charge to all our reseller customers.
For dedicated server customers wanting to implement this in their panel, please submit a support ticket.

For developers wanting to submit their apps for inclusion, please proceed to this page:

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

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