Please be advised that our Shared hosting network hardware upgrade is now complete.

At ResellerChoice our mentality has always been to be pro-active and ensure we update systems before we start seeing performance problems.
This is why we completed a major hardware upgrade to our mail server systems and will be adding to this by updating the SmarterMail software version to latest available to take advantage of performance enhancements, new features as well as improved spam control capabilities.

This upgrade has been tested on dev environments in conjunction with the SmarterTools team and we will be scheduling the final upgrade in the coming weeks. An email notice will be sent to you when scheduled.

Please be aware that we also offer Office 365 packages for those who need a more comprehensive Office suite solution and still benefit from our staff and experience planning and migrating your mail, making the process as convenient and easy for you as possible.

Contact Sales today if you would like to discuss Office 365 options for yourself or your business. If you are overpaying for Office 365, we can also help, so contact us today!


Tuesday, July 20, 2021

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